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"In my profession, I am constantly updating my curriculum vitae. Various people have looked at my curriculum vitae and I have made necessary changes but I felt like it could look and sound better.   I never thought about using a professional service that specializes in updating resumes and other professional documents. Once I began to see the work of New Approach Resumes and the success people received after their resume was updated, I had to see what could be done with my curriculum vitae. I just received my Doctor of Pharmacy degree and my curriculum is vitae is filled with pharmacy related information that may be difficult to interpret and paraphrase. New Approach Resumes was able to simplify and use proper word choice to enhance my curriculum vitae. What I like the most about my newly enhance curriculum vitae is that the key words professions are looking just have to try it for yourself!! You won't be disappointed!"

-- Dr. A. McGhee, PharmD

“I had the most wonderful experience while using this business. Not only was the service extremely fast and inexpensive, but I also landed a job interview within a week! Just when I thought the service couldn’t get any better, I was given excellent advice on what to do in the interview. The employer that hired me said that they were fully staffed, but after carefully reading over my resume, I was rewarded with the position that I wanted! I’m a college student and these are the years that are the most crucial for me in preparing myself for the real world. Without this business, I would not have an impressive resume and probably not even a job. I highly recommend everyone to use it!”

-- Samantha German

"I needed immediate help with my Resume.  Therefore, I sent it to Brandon and he took my resume and revamped it.  He made my resume more noticeable and gave it a special touch that was missing before.  I was very impressed with his work.  I have received several notifications regarding my resume and I very thankful for Brandon's help with my resume.  He is really great and works with every major to tune the resume needed for the job that you are searching for.  I will be working with Brandon again with future documents.  Thanks again Brandon"


-- Nikul Parikh

"First impressions are everything!!!  Your resume is your first impression. I can’t stress the importance of having a well put together resume. It can determine the type of job or opportunities offered to you. It is of great importance that your resume represents who you are as well as being able to stand out in a pile of resumes. I am very fortunate to have had a resume done by New Approach Resumes. I’ve received numerous complements on the professionalism of my resume as well as received many opportunities for internships and job offers. I currently have a great job that is putting me through college and given me an opportunity to start my career.  It all started with a resume. "

-- Monica Roblero


“New Approach Resumes did an outstanding job on my resume and cover letter!  They exceeded my expectations and I really appreciate their services and rates.  I submitted my resume to a company that I have been wanting to work for and I have made it to the last round of interviews.  I would highly recommend anyone to use their services because they aim to please.” 

--Taylor Harding

"I used New Approach Resumes to get my resume updated and perfected and was extremely happy with the outcome! Brandon really helped me accentuate my accomplishments and put them into word form. My new resume made me so much more confident to walk into that interview and know I would get the job. And I actually got the first job I interviewed for after my resume makeover! I highly recommend using them especially for such a low price!" 


-- Sheila van Ommeren

"Before I used New Approach Resumes, my resume was bland and unattractive. I had grammar errors, my descriptions were too long and they didn't convey what my true experience showed.

Now my resumes reflects the true skills and experience I possess. They corrected my sentence fragments and the descriptions are detailed and precise. Now my resume has that professional look employers search for. Using New Approach Resumes really gave me a new approach!"​

-- Corey Bryant

"Since I've used New Approach Resumes I've gotten two interviews and they both offered me the job. Having a great looking resume really makes a difference. I'm very thankful and I highly recommend it."

-- Keenyn Majors

"Speaking as a retail manager, Brandon's resumes are top notch. They are exactly what I'm looking for in a future employee. I would, and have, recommended him to recent graduates looking for jobs. With his work, you are guaranteed a well worded and professional resume."

-- Kellye Brown

“It is with great pleasure to recommend the services of New Approach Resumes. I had my resume’ revamped six (6) years ago by a large resume’ writing firm and paid a whopping $400. With New Approach, the pricing was significantly lower and the revisions have given my resume’ the “sell” it previously lacked.”

“Thank you New Approach Resumes!”

-- Phyllis D. Moore

"Brandon REALLY helped me out and he was quick. My resume was all over the place before he revamped it and he made it look so easy!!!! I wasn't that confident applying to jobs before my new resume. I am now totally okay with applying to any job that I want to now! This service was very reasonable and any time I need help I will definitely come to him. I will recommend anyone that I know to new approach resumes! Thank you so much"

-- Cinnamon Toliver

"I'm horrible with resumes.  I usually format them like bullet points.  They lack enthusiasm and all that I've achieved becomes buried in too much information and improper underlining.  Simply put, they sucked.  I've done so much since the last time I even touched my resume that I had no idea where to begin or what to include. Branding helped me not only to weed out what really brought my achievements to light and highlighted them in a way I never would have thought to do. When I turned in my resume with my application I was more confident than ever that I was not only giving one of the most professional appearances I've ever made on paper, but also putting my best foot forward. Thanks for everything!"

Warm regards,


-- Aleksi Reid

"I used New Approach Resumes, and all I can say is that the service is NOTHING short of amazing. I have had several professionals look over the work that was completed by this service, and I've received so many compliments. Now, I feel so confident sending my resume and cover letters to several different schools of my choice. My mom and 2 co-workers are already dying to use this service just from looking over the work that  has been done. Brandon even helped me realize how viable of a candidate I am through this service. Fast, efficient, and more than anything I could have anticipated. Looking for a job, getting into graduate school, or just need to update your current resume or cover letter, should not EVEN be a question. Contact New Approach Resumes NOW!!!"

-- Samantha Schwalenberg

"New Approach Resumes did a very nice job on my resume, it exceeded my expectations for a very reasonable price and I will be sure that I recommend them to everyone and will continue to use their services.  I am now more than confident to send my resume. I just want to thank you."

--Tiaja Tillman

“My resume has helped me with 3 job interviews when before I couldn't get a call back. I greatly appreciate help with my resume”


-- Kymberly Hurston

"Thank you so much for my resume. I was highly pleased; the verbiage is very impressive and the content is awesome. I will definitely recommend you to everyone. Thanks again!!"

-- Candice Wells

"As a young arts professional, developing your resume takes a lot of patience and skill to create the right format that articulates all of your theatre accomplishments, leadership experiences, and skills. In the past I often found myself frustrated with my theatre resume and always resulted in using my professional resume where I would only highlight a few of my theatre experiences.  It wasn't until I came to New Approach resumes that this all changed. I was very impressed with the finished product. Brandon was very interested in what I wanted to highlight in my resume. He was also flexible and willing to do more than one draft of my resume to make sure I was satisfied with the service.  Quality work and exceptional customer service are what come to mind when I think of New Approach Resumes. Thank you!"

-- Bridgette C. Burton

"Sending my resume to  New Approach Resumes is the best decision I've made. I had been using the same resume since I graduated College in 2009, and although I gained so much more work experience and acquired great skill sets, my resume did not reflect it. I emailed my resume to New Approach and I was very surprised with how quickly I received a response. Brandon was very professional and in addition to me sending my resume he just asked that I send a short description going into detail of my job functions to help him create my resume. Within a few days Brandon was able to use the information I sent him and turn my old and outdated resume into something I'm proud to give to employers. He was able to highlight details that weren't being reflected in my old resume. I am very pleased with the final product. It looks professional, polished and most importantly I believe it reflects my skills and shows employers my potential to succeed in any position.

Thank You So Much Brandon!"

-- Danielle C. Nelson

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